Communicating a memorable story is the lifeblood of successful design


Thrival Design Collective is a creative agency that helps businesses to engage their consumer more effectively through compelling storytelling branding and packaging design.

We completely understand the rising competition for people's attention and time, and help you carve out an emotional experience and create a genuine connection with your audience through dynamic design.

We get it, you want to focus on doing what you do best. Let us focus on giving you the thorough branding, identity, and design strategy you need to help you soar by strategically romancing your market at first glance.
— Jonathan Martin


Portraits by Zordon

Jonathan Martin
Founder, Design Lead

Burake Taye
Partner, Operations


Maddie Bliss
Partner, Photo

Open Positions


Design Intern

How would you like to learn the ins and outs of a multidisciplinary boutique creative agency?  Does an open environment for artistic expression & problem solving resonate with you? If so, check out the qualifications below and show us what you've got!



  • Positive Mental Attitude accompanied with an unquenchable desire to learn
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Solidworks 3D rendering software
  • Ability to write captivating and vivid stories with a colorful vocabulary
  • A keen eye for detail coupled with an exquisite taste level
  • General familiarity with DSLR cameras of any make or model
  • Phenomenal communication & rapport building skills 
  • Undying love for cutting-edge fashion, art, & design

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